Why should you plan for the next five years of your career?

               Because life does not begin when you come home from work!


I believe it is only when we have a clear mind set in relation to our career goals and life objectives that we can reap the ultimate satisfaction from our jobs and truly be in sync with which we really are.

A solid and achievable plan will allow you to progress on the most effective and efficient path possible towards a life fully lived.

I view a career plan as a roadmap. A roadmap not restricting in anyway the flexibility that we all need in this marvelously fast paced and changing world we live in. A roadmap that will and can allow us to keep our eye on the end result we wish to achieve. A plan that encompasses our career and personal development needs is truly a roadmap that frees the mind and allows us to experience satisfaction in our lives 24X7. When we know our destination and have plotted how to get there we can enjoy the ride more fully.

How do I create an achievable five year plan?

Step 1

Take a comprehensive look at yourself as a whole person with a special focus on personal development and growth, not only vocationally and financially but your personal life and emotional well being as well. The goal is to have a plan that includes a continued improvement of your quality of life. Remember your life does not begin when you come home from work!

    Some questions you can ask yourself about your personal values

a)    What are my real interests, needs and desires?

b)    What are the real causes of my frustrations, worries, impatience, stress, tiredness or tension and what I can do about them?

c)    What would increase my sense of satisfaction in my personal life and my work?

d)    What needs to change in order for me to live a more balanced, worry-free life?

e)    What are my untapped resources and abilities and do I want to further develop them?

     Some questions you can ask regarding your optimum working environment 

a)    What personality types do I find compatible to work with?

b)    What corporate values must be in play in order for me to be in philosophical alignment?

c)       What kind of recognition do I need within a company to feel valued?

d)      What kind and level of challenge would I find most satisfying?

     Some questions to ask yourself when planning a future position

a)      What are the areas where I most need improvement?

b)       Where is my marketplace and where do I look for career opportunities

c)       What positions, in what kinds of companies would I be most effective?

d)       What are my blocks to success?

e)       Should I plan for going into my own business now or begin a parallel career?

These are a few simple questions to get you started on planning what you want your career to look and feel like. If you want a career that will enable you to grow to your full potential, to put you in the driver’s seat, you need to know the questions to ask yourself in order to find the answers.

People with clear, written goals, accomplish far more in a shorter period of time than people without them could ever imagine.

I hope you have found this helpful and I welcome your feedback.

If you feel that you could use some objective third party professional guidance Thornhill Career Services is available to assist you on this exciting journey.


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