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New Horizons: Mapping Your Path to Retirement 

Retirement Planning and Coaching
Retirement can be a very positive and yet sometimes difficult transition.  Our private coaching sessions are designed to ensure participants and their families understand the personal impact of the retirement process, ease any concerns and strengthen the support system.  We work with participants to ensure they are successfully addressing the issues inherent with this change. You meet privately with your coach to go through the LifeOptions Profile and New Horizons Workbook at a pace and level of intensity that works for you.



Thornhill Career Services / CPI’s groundbreaking retirement planning program.  New Horizons – Mapping Your Path to Retirement offers  four different levels of service, providing the kind of flexibility that allows for the alignment of your personal objectives.New Horizons – Mapping Your Path to Retirement is designed to assist individuals and couples with the exploration and planning necessary for the changes and transition to a successful and satisfying retirement..

LifeOptions Profile
The LifeOptions Profile is an essential start to the New Horizons program, offering objective data to drive the planning process.  You begin with a 99-item assessment  instrument that identifies your preparedness for every facet of retirement.

This profile helps you and your certified coach focus on your strengths as well as areas where you are least prepared.

The assessment provides a clear, well-ordered and scaled overview of how you compare to others in similar life circumstances with respect to your personal growth toward retirement.  In depth program materials then guide you through these key areas of focus:

  • Career and work Discovering your ideal work, work benefits, and work options.
  • Health and wellness  Examining personal health practices, vitality, and wellness attitudes.
  • Finances and insurance Knowledge of finances, financial planning, and financial confidence
  • Family and relationships Considering flexibility options, the need to provide caregiving for aging parents or adult children, and grand parenting.
  • Leisure and social Uncovering your preferences for leisure, residence, travel and hobbies.
  • Personal development Exploring your life meaning and opportunities for education and volunteering
  • Legal and legacy Ensuring that wills, estates, trust, power-of-attorney, healthcare administration and other documents are in place to protect you and your family.

New Horizons Workbook
The New Horizons Workbook is the companion for the LifeOptions Profile.  The chapters of this customized Canadian Edition align with the seven factors covered in the LifeOptions Profile.

New Horizons Online Portal 
This is the 24/7 web based companion for the LifeOptions Profile assessment and for the New Horizons workbook.The topics throughout this portal align with the factors covered in the LifeOptions Profile. The personal information you learn from your LifeOptions Profile is extended and deepened on your  online portal

Financial Planning for Retirement
Depending on  your situation and program, time is afforded with a:

Certified Financial  Planner —an approach that involves two key areas of focus:

  1. Income Tax considerations
  2. Financial Strategy

The New Horizons program is designed around empowering individuals to be the best that they can be in their mature years.

Thornhill Career Services is committed to supporting your transition to retirement whether  it is 15 years into the future or it began last week.

Set up a complimentary meeting to discuss the New Horizons Life Options. Please Contact us at 1-604-676-1447 or toll free at 1-855-649-7750

  PDF – Mapping Your Life Options