Marketing Plan

The employment market is fiercely competitive. To be effective in your career search, to create the highest level of interest in your skills and talents in the marketplace it is important to  be thoroughly prepared in all aspects of your value presentation to potential employers. It is crucial to differentiate yourself from your competition in order  to generate successful results.

As cold as it may sound …YOU are the product.

Your marketing strategy must include:

  • Career Direction
  • Focused Marketing Campaign
  • Career Marketing Collateral
  • Resources
  • Skill Development

Career Direction

We help you choose appropriate career goals and directions using a combination of industry recognized psychometrics,our own proprietary materials and valued insight from your personal consultant.

Focused Marketing Campaign

• Identifying Transferable Skills

A sound knowledge of your transferable skills is a necessary tool for establishing your job market mobility, career planning and job function targeting. Think of it as defining the critical personal and work experience values that you bring to the table. Most people have difficulty in defining these for themselves. An objective transferable skills analysis done by a professional, who understands your target markets can augment a successful transition to a new career. This knowledge is also an important component for interview preparation.

• Maximizing Contacts

If you want to find the best possible position in your chosen field; just answering ads, networking or sending out resumes are only the beginning of your marketing campaign. Just as an employer wants to see a number of candidates to ensure the best is selected, you will want to contact a number of organizations to be sure that the position you accept is the one best for you.

Working with you… together we will develop from our database a list of organizations that you should contact. These lists contain specific information about the organizations and whom to contact. We will provide counsel and strategies on the most effective ways to use your list.

• Target Market

From the information gained in your assessment, you and your consultant will develop a Focused Marketing Campaign. This is developed from a listing of industries and companies that offer the best possible fit against your skills, interest and experience. This results in a much better response and can shorten the search process. You are targeting the right opportunities…not just responding to job ads that do not fully meet your goals or needs.


Career Marketing Collateral

The following tools support you in transitioning to your new career position. Each of these is crafted to meet your personal search objectives and must be congruent with your whole presentation to be fully effective.

• Strategic Resume

Your resumes are designed to create a connection between your skills and your targeted market.  You will learn how employers evaluate resumes and what has to be accomplished to gain positive positioning during the resume evaluation process.

Strategic Resumes must be prepared based on an extensive collection of information about You and how your experience relates to the position offered.– your experience, education, training, accomplishments, values and goals. All of these are essential parts of a well crafted resume.

• Brochure Page

The Brochure Page can be an important addition to your Strategic Resumes. It is often utilized as a stand alone document for those who need a one page marketing tool, such as letters of introduction for networking and sometimes used as a cover letter for responding to advertisements. Think of it as a brochure crafted to attract attention to your transferable skills, accomplishments and the benefits you offer to the employer. It is essentially a sales tool for motivating the reader to open doors, to meet with you and to get acquainted with your credentials.

• Cover Letter

TCS calls this a “Motivational Letter “

A resume by itself, no matter how well done, cannot focus adequately on the key points.

You will notice that when you receive advertising in the mail from large organizations, it usually contains a brochure or booklet and a letter. While the brochure fleshes out the details, it is the letter that arouses interest and contains the “sizzle”.

That’s why we advocate a “motivational letter” to go along with or precede your resume. A letter specifically designed to develop interest in you and your strongest assets, that will motivate the employer to see you.


Resources and Skill Development

TCS provides you with three major High Touch…High Tech resources

  • One-on-one personal career coaching
  • Unlimited strategic seminars and workshops
  • Online 24/7 career portal

One-on-one Personal Career Coaching. One-on-one personal career coaching is an extremely valuable resource. You have access to the knowledge of a skilled professional who knows your marketplace and how hiring decisions are made. You will be guided  through all steps of your marketing campaign including interview prep and debriefing after the interview. Your consultant will be available to assist and direct you when you reach the very sensitive negotiating phase. This is to assure that you will receive the maximum benefits possible from your new position.

Unlimited Strategic Seminars and Workshops. A career consultant who is an expert in the field, will provide you a continuing series of interactive workshops and practical seminars focusing on virtually every topic related to enhancing and improving your career search. Topics covered include developing new contacts, LinkedIn and other social media, networking groups and events,the effective use of the telephone, direct mail, interviewing, initiating proposals, negotiating and closing the deal. You have unlimited access to these bi-weekly groups.
Online 24/7 Career Portal 

Our career transition portal is designed to provide you in-depth resources to conduct your job search. It follows a simple ten step process that will help you rebound from a temporary setback, land a new position, and build resilience in your career.Each section on the portal provides in-depth information on each of the critical areas of the job search process.

This high tech portal will never replace the one-on-one guidance from your consultant but will allow you to further research and learn from the comfort of your home. In addition our portal gives you access to OneSource; a global business browser.
OneSource is the most comprehensive source of information on companies,industries and executives with data on 17 million public and private companies,over 21 million global executive profiles and much more.

Enrichment Webinarspresented by highly skilled, specialized coaches, these engaging, interactive sessions will offer you valuable tips, ideas and insight into a variety of career transition topics.You will have unlimited enrollment in these interactive live enrichment webinars.



Thornhill Career Services offers three unique guarantees to our clients

  1. Assurance of Success
  2. Guarantee of  Career Satisfaction
  3. Guarantee of  Career Success

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