Career Planning

Capable men and women like yourself come to us for career planning.  Our clients typically demonstrate  high levels of ability, intelligence, drive, confidence, interpersonal and communication skills.

  • They come to us because they are ambitious people who have a real concern about their future in terms of accomplishment and sense of satisfaction in what they
    are doing.
  • They come to us because they recognize that in today’s marketplace they require an effective career plan  to articulate their true value to a prospective company.
  • They come to us because they are seeking “not a job but a career position” and knowing the qualities desired in that position is the foundation for designing their career plan.



We believe a Career Position must have three elements:

First there must be challenge.  You must be using the major portion of your abilities or you will be bored and frustrated.  You must  continue to learn and grow as a person. And, you need to advance in responsibilities.

Next there is environment.  That means living where you want to live.  It means working with people whom you find congenial and compatible.  And it means being part of an organization whose management and philosophy you can respect and identify with.

Then, we have rewards.  A sense of a  positive future; intangible gratifications which vary from person to person such as:


  • Recognition and feedback
  • Status and prestige
  • The opportunity to be creative, to help people, to solve  problems and to build future

And now there is money.  Money is important for meeting financial obligations and planning for the future. It can also be a direct reflection of the company’s assessment of the value of your contribution, but it is not the most important reward.  You can be making a great deal of money and if you are in the wrong environment, inadequately challenged with little satisfaction and sense of future you’ll have “a job not a Career Position.” Thornhill Career Services  will be pleased to work with you to tailor a personal career plan.

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