Most of us do not take the time, or have the objectivity to effectively evaluate our strengths, potentials, alternatives and goals.

Usually, we are only able to identify our achievable goals when we can see exactly what we have to offer various organizations.  An in-depth personal assessment provides an objective analysis of your needs and marketable assets.

Our in-depth professional assessments help you to clearly see yourself…

  • in relation to your career potential
  • your interaction with others
  • your personal needs

You are then in a position to effectively set optimum and achievable goals.

Fact Finding Phase
We select proprietary and standardized assessment materials most appropriate to your education, work experience and personal needs.  These include extensive motivational analysis materials relating to career history, self-expression and in depth autobiographical information.

Analysis Phase
A qualified psychologist or vocational counselor will professionally review this material. A comprehensive assessment is made of your abilities, potentials and needs relevant to career choices, job selection, career growth and personal development.

Personal Assessment Phase
We then share the findings of our assessment with you to provide a basis for making sound job, career and personal decisions. Specific recommendations will be made when positive change or improvement is needed for more effective interpersonal, communications, political or other skills that may enable you to realize your goals or improve your personal satisfaction.

Career Planning Phase

We offer three levels of Individual Assessment

  • Career Guidance
  • Career Planning
  • Career Development

All utilize both a Vocational Counselor and the Career Consultant.
Your individual assessment provides the foundation on which to manage your life
long career.

Thornhill Career Services  will be pleased to work with you to tailor an individual assessment.

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