Retirement Programs

Mapping A Path For Employee Retirement

The definition of Retirement is changing; retirement today doesn’t necessarily mean stopping work. For many it actually becomes a time of major renewal.

You have two flexible options

1. You may offer this program to your existing employee base that is nearing retirement age as group program.

2. The other option is offering it to an affected employee in lieu of an individual transition program

Thornhill Career Services/CPI groundbreaking retirement planning program -New Horizons – Mapping your Path to Retirement offers the sponsoring organization four different levels of service, providing the kind of flexibility that allows for the alignment of organizational objectives with financial resources and employee needs.


  • LifeOptions Profile/Assessments
  • New Horizons Workbook
  • New Horizons Workshop
  • Retirement Planning/One-on-One Coaching
  • Financial Planning

The New Horizons program is designed around empowering individuals to be the best that they can be in their mature years. Participants begin with a 99-item assessment instrument that covers 20 separate lifestyle and attitudinal factors.

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