Executive Recruiting

Statistics have shown that companies typically spend less than 25% of the time and resources required to conduct a thorough executive recruiting process.This can be costly and damaging to an organization.

At Thornhill Career Services, Executive Search combines diligence, discretion, intuitive insight and of course our trademarked “High Touch…High Tech” approach.

We draw upon our base of 200 International Partners Companies in 35 countries to complement our exhaustive search plan; that utilizes all of our network contacts.


Our Executive Search Criteria

  • Gather critical information specific to the position(s) you wish to fill
  • Source a pool of qualified talent from local, Canada wide and International markets
  • Pre-qualify key prospects
  • Assist with the vetting process
  • Check credentials and references
  • Screen candidates and conduct preliminary interviews
  • On-boarding Follow-up Service

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