Highly effective leaders are essential if organizations are to excel in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Often, managers who are top performers in technical aspects of their roles, lack the business and people management skills to successfully lead individuals and teams. Following an assessment of particular needs, our coaches devise and deliver one-on-one and team coaching programs that provide the techniques and guidance necessary to support  your business.

Thornhill Career Services coaching is cost effective, time efficient, flexible and is based upon a proven four step process.

  1. Assessment – investigate challenges; opportunities; interviews ; potential impacts
  2. Goal Setting – setting specific goals; identifying measurable improvements
  3. Implementation – concrete, achievable actions, effective results
  4. Evaluation & Fine Tuning – re-evaluating, refining, and re-setting goals as needed

Thornhill Career Services’ coaching meets the needs of senior executives, managers, operations and technical professionals. We offer three types of coaching programs to achieve measurable and sustainable performance improvements.

1. Integration Coaching – Designed to support and enhance the integration of a newly appointed staff, whether promoted, transferred, or a new hire. We work with your people and their key stakeholders (i.e. leader, peers, and direct reports) to form relationships that ensure success. Helping them to understand responsibilities, processes and expected key performance indicators. Integration coaching will facilitate faster productivity, increased retention, lower costs, and increased team effectiveness.

2. Performance Enhancement – Coaching will help your organization develop highly skilled individuals and teams which measurably impacts upon their performance. Our coaches will identify key issues and implement a program that will deliver rapid results with a defined payback.

3. Development Coaching - Proactively develops business, leadership, and people skills for targeted individuals or groups with high potential, in key positions or senior staff. Development coaching ensures you develop and retain future leaders and in addition also supports successful succession.

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