Outplacement/Career Transition

Outplacement  Defined:

Outplacement is the term we use to describe the effort, energy and financial outlay you and your organization invest in assisting your affected employees towards a successful and healthy career transition.

Unfolding the process…  
Every organization has its own unique culture, we are sensitive to your agenda. Our goal is to support you through this challenging process to a successful outcome for both you and your affected employee.

Trust, clear communication and respect create the foundation for flawless results.

Every displaced employee is facing what they believe to be one of the worst moments of their lives. At this point in time they are overwhelmed with frustration, fear and anxiety. Our goal is to have them leave the onsite meeting with a sense of dignity, value, and hope for a positive future.

Now, the former employee can go  home feeling that they have been valued  for their work, have regained some control of their emotions and are thankful that the company has cared enough to provide ongoing support. They no longer feel that the company has left them alone in this journey.


Career Transition Defined:

Career Transition is the ongoing process the affected employee engages in to find and adjust to a new position.

Moving forward…
Whether the result of an economic downturn or for performance reasons, a job separation is a stressful experience. We treat each individual that comes to us with genuine human caring. We provide hands-on support and guidance to help the individual achieve a successful career transition.

While most individuals bring a great deal of knowledge and experience to the career transition process; everyone benefits from a fine tuning of the skills necessary to sell themselves in a competitive marketplace and adjust to their new found position.

We provide both industry standard and customized programs to meet every organization’s requirements.

Pragmatic process…

  • Personal /Career Planning Assessments
  • Customized Marketing Strategies
  • Comprehensive Networking Concepts
  • Strategic Resume Development
  • Interview Techniques
  • In-house Workshops
  • 24/7 Online Career Portal
  • Online Interactive Webinar Series
  • On-boarding Support after landing a position

Once again we believe that trust,clear communication and respect are foundational for building a successful working relationship.

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