The assessing, guiding and managing of human capital is the main focus at TCS and is applied both on an individual and organizational  basis.

In addition to being a leader in career outplacement/transition, TCS has a team of experts in the attracting, retaining, reshaping (development) and releasing of human capital.

TCS has attracted experienced business coaches and consultants who are not only comfortable, but also effective in working with mid to senior management on all aspects of their businesses.

All Services are delivered using Thornhill Career Services “High Touch…High Tech” innovative approach.

Specifically, in assessing a client’s human capital needs, be it an individual or a corporation, we have embraced a number of technologies in the area of online, proprietary and in-house psychometric assessments that provide action-oriented results in order to establish a baseline from which to work.  The Company then adapts the assessments to their clients’ needs, working with them face-to-face providing assessment analysis, one-on-one consultations,  and, most importantly, periodic follow up.

When organizations implement ongoing Training & Development Programs combined with Coaching as part of their business strategy, the outcome can be seen in measurable results as well as improved skills and processes.


Measurable Results Skills & Process Results
Increased profits and productivity Improved  staff morale
Improved cash flow Increased competence and confidence
Improved safety performance Improved staff involvement and commitment
Reduced costs and waste Enhanced trust and respect
Improved quality Increased job satisfaction
Reduced turnover Increased & more effective communications
Decreased absenteeism Clearer goals and expectations

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