Our Core Values

Our Core Values guide our actions and decision-making at every level.  They are not a matter of choice for the consultants, management and staff that work here – it is simply the way we are.

Honesty, integrity, and high ethical standards
We maintain high standards to create an environment of security and fulfillment for employees, and one of trust for our clients.  If we make a mistake, we handle it promptly and fairly; and learn from the experience.

Commitment to the employee
We commit to give our employees access to all resources necessary to make them successful.  In return we expect professionalism, commitment to objectives, and high performance standards.

Openness and respect in how we communicate
Every individual that TCS interacts with deserves open and honest communication.  We strive to treat all individuals with respect and consideration.

Strengthening our community
We strive to recognize and welcome the unique nature of all individuals and organizations within our community.  We act with respect in our interactions and efforts to support and strengthen our community.

Innovation and creativity
We endeavour to improve our services and processes by continuously reassessing our assumptions with open minds.  Our goal is to foster productive innovation and to be recognized as a valued service provider.

Work hard, play hard
We recognize and value the importance of a healthy lifestyle, and encourage all individuals to cultivate and maintain a healthy balance in their personal and professional lives.