Our Team

Melita Thornhill
Melita Thornhill is president and senior advisor of Thornhill Career Services bringing with her over 30 years of organizational management experience.

Melita has a unique approach to corporate Governance, talent management and team building which has proven a valuable formula for success.

Melita brings her  enthusiastic and holistic outlook on life as well as her experience as a chaplain to her work. These personal strengths guide her commitment to interpersonal relationship building, workforce solutions and service delivery.

Melita is a warm and dynamic personality and has assisted thousands of people to further their personal and career objectives over 17 years.

Melita and her team deliver Human Capital Development Services with passion and professionalism.


Ted Paxton
Ted is a Certified Professional Coach, has a business degree from Simon Fraser University and brings more than 28 years of experience operating his own business to Thornhill Career Services.

In addition Ted has earned certifications as a CPI Career Consultant and a CPI New Horizons Retirement planning Coach.

As a career development consultant, coach and workshop facilitator, Ted provides professional insight and counsel in formulating successful career transition marketing strategies, customized to fit every client profile Ted emphasizes to all clients, the importance of understanding the true significance of their achievements and the value that represents in the market.

Ted’s delivery as a workshop facilitator is both engaging and pragmatic. His teaching style and relaxed yet highly professional demeanor draws out the most reticent of clients. Ted has the ability to bring the life changing process of career search and transition into the realm of absolute possibility for his clients.

He is proficient with identifying personal and professional values. Developing effective behavioral approaches to align with business environments assists his clients to efficiently achieve their career objectives.

Ted has accumulated thousands of hours of career development and coaching expertise working with clients locally as well as internationally. Ted’s international experience in Europe, Asia and across North America has given him the insight to effectively assist clients adjusting and repositioning themselves into our local corporate culture.


Carla Brown-John 
Carla holds a Master of Business Administration from the University of British Columbia and a Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching from Royal Roads University,

In addition Carla has earned certifications as a CPI Career Consultant and a CPI New Horizons Retirement planning Coach.

Carla Brown-John has held leadership and management positions for more than twenty-five years, a good portion of the time working in the not-for-profit sector. Her diverse and varied career path began in the world of banking then transitioned to work, both paid and volunteer, in charitable, arts, regulatory and social service organizations. Carla has extensive experience in operations management, human resources and program delivery.

As a coach, Carla’s goal is for each client to feel alive as they make career, life and leadership choices which will allow them to reach their full potential, follow their personal dreams and ambitions, and to feel an inner sense of meaning and purpose. Carla uses an intuitive approach that is grounded in practicality which means that she offers helpful tools, strategies and action plans, but also deep listening, cheerleading, and heartfelt support.

Carla offers workshops in conflict resolution and is a Co-Lecturer with Federated Press where she speaks to leadership issues, Human Capital and Employee Engagement.

Carla brings to the Thornhill Career Services team a combination of executive know how, compassionate pragmatism and a passion for assisting her clients to stretch for their goals.


Deborah Frances Mulcair
Dr. Deborah Frances Mulcair, BComm., MBA, PhD is a management consultant specializing in strategic business development, entrepreneurial training and career transition.

Deborah spent the last 12 years researching the methods used by successful entrepreneurs who left secure corporate positions to develop entrepreneurial ventures. Dr. Mulcair specializes in the career transition process encompassing both  corporate and entrepreneurial.. She is an expert on the topic of Right Livelihood and its impact on a person’s well-being

Deborah also works as a training consultant to urban aboriginal executives and a financial management consultant to The Business Development Bank of Canada’s entrepreneurial clients.

She is a professional workshop facilitator with 25 years experience who brings workshops to life with enthusiasm and depth of experience.

Deborah’s workshops have been described as life transforming by those taking them.

Dr. Deborah Mulcair is without question a respected and welcomed asset to Thornhill Career Services Corporate support team.


Jacqueline Arndt
Jacqueline Arndt earned her Master’s in Psychology at UBC.

She is a specialist in Education & Counseling Psychology and brings over 15 years of experience in client Assessment and Counseling to the Thornhill Career Services team.

Jacquie is well qualified to provide the assessments and guidance that assist our private and corporate clients to make choices that fit their needs and achieve personal career satisfaction.

Jacqueline has superior rapport building skills and is well positioned to assist our clients determine their unique needs. Her outstanding abilities and commitment effect real, practical results in people’s lives.

Jacquie’s dedication and passion for counseling individuals within both institutional and corporate environments, has earned her a valued and respected position on our team. 


Rick MacDonald 
Rick MacDonald is a BCIT Graduate with Diplomas in Business Administration & Building Engineering Technology.

Rick brings us many years of experience in senior corporate leadership roles and service on various Boards of Directors. In this capacity his work focused on restructuring corporations to meet the challenges of change management and fiscal turnaround.

Rick’s extensive experience in effectively driving market positioning and operations structure bring strong value to corporate clients facing organizational, economic and human resource challenges.

Rick’s incisive big picture thinking has to be experienced to be fully appreciated. Every project Rick undertakes, no matter the size, receives the full measure of his commitment, passion and straight forward thinking.

Rick is a dynamic force on any team and brings a unique and valued set of credentials to Thornhill Career Services and our Corporate Clients


Tom Locke
An MBA graduate of York University in Toronto, Tom has over 25 years experience at the corporate level within the sports, entertainment and communication industries. As a career/business coach, he focuses much of his time on human capital development, strategic planning and executive training. He is also the creator and instructor of a course on professional skill development for UBC’s “Entertainment Administration” certificate program.

Over the past fifteen years he has studied and consulted on the impact of digital technology in business. In addition to speaking at various functions and conferences, Tom has sat on a number of provincial, national and international boards covering a wide range of interests.

Tom’s ability to cut to the core and distill Organizational challenges stands him well as a member of our team.


Corea Ladner
Corea earned her Human Services Diploma from Thompson Rivers University. Her diploma focus was on counseling and group facilitation which stemmed from a 20 year career in the personal development field.

Corea is a professional laughter facilitator and her passion and expertise is evident in the demand for her services.

Corea is an award winning public speaker; She represented B.C. at the Regional Toastmasters International Competition. This prestigious competition  is only one level below the Toastmasters World Championship of Public Speaking.

Corea first studied laughter as a therapeutic intervention at the Heartwood Institute, a nationally accredited School for the Natural Healing Arts in the United States.

A lifelong appreciation for the value of laughter and humour, combined with her exceptional presentation skills, experience and training makes Corea an expert on engaging employees in the laughter process.

Scientific research backs laughter’s extensive physical, emotional and mental health benefits. Now the  benefits of laughter are being discovered by  the Corporate world.

Laughter facilitation is a valuable tool in supporting and uplifting a company’s corporate culture.

Organizations that have engaged this modality have discovered improvement in employee morale and absenteeism.

In today’s economic climate a little laughter is being seen as a cost saving measure for a number of forward thinking Corporate leaders.

The talent and expertise that Corea brings to Thornhill Career Services are unique and most defiantly timely considering today’s economic climate.


Susana Baez
In the capacity of Executive Assistant and Client Services Facilitator, Susana brings her 17 years of insight and expertise to our team.

Susana is our social media communications and search engine optimization expert.

Susana has extensive background experience in sales and marketing, customer relations, technical support and public/media relations.

In her role as Client Support Facilitator Susana works in conjunction with our Career Consultants to answer questions and give practical and directional guidance  where needed.

Susana is a skilled communicator, an adept relationship builder and brings to Thornhill Career Services a personality that is perceptive, intelligent ,warm and encouraging. She is the heartbeat of our organization.