Individual Feedback

We invite you to browse through the following testimonials for a true life picture of the support and dedication that Thornhill Career Services provides to our candidates.

No matter what we say on the website—-words can be hollow—- it is the words of our candidates that truly tell the story.


Candidate Testimonials


A.N.R. PMP® 
Consulting Manager

First of all, I’d like to thank you and your team for your professionalism and competent support.

I came to Canada some time ago with great hopes for me and my family. The safety, educational and professional opportunities are great. A couple of months later, although we’re enjoying the safety and educational development of our son, I didn’t managed to secure a single job interview. Everybody kept me telling that I should reduce my expectations and apply to more modest positions. Well, that’s not my style. I researched and found you. My expectations grew even more. Suddenly, I was not only seeking a high paid job, I was seeking a position that could fit me and my life style.

In the process, I’ve got some lessons learned, like: who I am; who I can be, perhaps more important who I want to be; how to get there, with effective communication; how to negotiate my future; and, how to make this process a new part of my life.

This was not an easy task, it took time and commitment. But it was worthy every minute. Once I was prepared, I secured the job in the company at the top of my list in the first shot!



Dwayne Cebryk

After 25 years of being in the same job I decided to change careers.  I very quickly learned my job search skills and understanding of the current job market were lacking and I needed to find a resource that would ensure success in my job search.

I am very happy to have found Thornhill Career Services.  From my initial meetings to working exclusively with my Career Coach  and attending the workshops I was confident I had found the right company.  Thornhill Career Services staff are compassionate, caring professionals that operate with the highest level of integrity.

They have developed a highly successful program that addresses all aspects of a professional career search.  My consultants attention to detail and his formidable leadership coupled with an individualized program resulted in the preparation of a personal marketing strategy that was a guarantee of success.



J Wolcott – Economist

If I was going to get the career I really wanted, I needed a plan. Under the direction of Thornhill Career Services, I was able to effectively market my most valuable skills to prospective employers. I received helpful guidance from knowledgeable professionals who were insightful and tremendously supportive. By the time I got my winning offer, I was beaming with confidence, thanks to Thornhill Career Services.



Brad Nichol 

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

“I would highly recommend these services for anyone in career transition or “searching” for that perfect career. The hands on holistic approach that is used allows you to know who you are and how to present yourself in front of prospective employers.



Lorna Ng ,  Senior Office Coordinator 

I have worked in the health and wellness industry for 16 years and was devastated when i was  I caught in a reorganization downsizing.

I thank you truly for helping me see the better person in me, giving me the courage to act on it and seek better things for myself. I used to see age as a barrier but now I see the experience I bring with me to my next job.

Without the constant encouragement from the team at TCS I would not be the person I am today.

I now look forward to my next job with hope, as I am going to choose a job I love, a company who will treasure me for the value I bring to them.

Truly you are like a lighthouse in my darkest hour.